Some very interesting penis facts – you will be surprised!

Does size actually matter?

Everyone seems to ask one question and that is does size matter. Of course this question is one that springs from men’s complete fascination for their reproductive organ and its length and girth. Men in general tend to believe that their manhood is dependent on the size of their genitals. So men with big penises pride on their asset while men who are unhappy with their organ’s size turn around the corner and hide their faces in the wall.

Most men think that they have an undersized penis

Men will be men and they all seem to have this fallacious attitude about their penile size. Almost all half of the humanity believes that their penis is much smaller than what they would ideally desire.

The truth is that when they see huge muscular men wielding their rather huge penises on the pictures on the internet or while they gasp at the large penis of the porn actor in disbelief they think that theirs is too small and end up feeling anxious.

The reality is that most men and by this we mean 95 percent of them have a penis size that is perfect for sexual performance. If at all there is something that is not allowing them to have a fruitful time in bed then that is the anxiety that they are not loaded enough to make the woman in their life completely satisfied.

Of course, if there is some weight that is letting you down, then it may do you good to visit an urologist who will tell you exactly that you penis is good enough for a great performance. Perhaps that will help instill some more confidence in you.

Average size of the penis

When the normal penis is flaccid, it can measure anywhere between 3 and 5 inches and when erect it may measure 5 to 7 inches.

The average American penis is pegged at 5.8-6 inches when erect and with a circumferential girth of 4.8 inches.

It may surprise you that only a 12 percent males are believed to have penises with a length of 7 inches when erect and only a miniscule 3 percent men have erect penises over 8 inches..

Penis size is important mainly for one night stands

If you are someone who indulges in frequent casual sex and one night stands, then you may be under severe pressure to perform and make your new partners happy each time that you perform.

In one night stands also, the partner may give more attention to the girth of the penis more than the length of the penis and this is because the a larger penis is capable of pushing the clitoris much closer to the vagina and this can help women achieve super orgasms and easily too. /p>

In long term relationships the size of the penis does not really matter as long as the partner is able to achieve orgasms once in every couple of times that they have a sexual intercourse.

Women do not die for huge penises

Men with smaller penises do not have to run to the hills. In various studies that were held by the Urologists Association of California it was found that women do not particularly like having sex with men with large penises. This is because some smaller and average made women have smaller vaginas and it is extremely painful for them to have sex with a man with a big penis.


Women, in contrast enjoy sex with men who have penis size which is in proportion to their bodies. Women do not necessarily need to have longer and broader penis but


what they look for in a man is the confidence with which they use their penis, the personality that they portray and the enjoyment that they are capable of giving to their women. There are natural ways to increase blood flow to your penis such as sex enhancement pills. These supplements will give you bigger and thicker erections and make sex much better

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